Luxembourg choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess, who is the first associate artist of neimënster, will present her new solo "Dreamer" on 4 December 2020 at neimënster (Salle Robert Krieps).

For three years, in her role as associate artist, Anne-Mareike Hess will participate in the artistic life of the institution to develop artistic and cultural programmes, develop research and experimentation residences and to raise public awareness of contemporary dance. During her stays on the site of the old abbey (for a period of eight weeks spread over the year), Anne-Mareike Hess will count on administrative, technical and communication support to devote herself to the creative process.

From winter 2020, this collaboration will take the form of a new project developed in residence on the site. The solo, titled "Dreamer", will be the second piece in an unofficial trilogy which began with "Warrior", a creation (co-produced by neimënster) in which Anne-Mareike Hess questioned the representation of masculinity and the notion of the apparent necessity of the warrior. This work prompted the young Luxembourg choreographer to assert her own femininity and to question the stereotypes associated with women.

The result of Anne-Mareike Hess's first research on the representation of the female body in religious and medieval iconography will be presented in the artist’s new solo play "Dreamer" on 4 December 2020 at neimënster. The creation is a continuation of her work that started with "Warrior" (presented in December 2018). 

Venue: Salle Robert Krieps, neimënster

Organiser: neimënster

Price: tbc

Reservations: tbc