ASTI, a non-profit association supporting immigrant workers in Luxembourg, and the AMIGO meeting centre for young people have teamed up to organise a "Fête du Vivre-Ensemble" ("festival of living together") on Sunday 22 September 2019 from 10:00 to 18:00 at Parc Laval in Luxembourg-Eich.

This festival aims to promote inclusion, particularly that of young people with disabilities or young refugees in Luxembourg.

The event is open to everyone and focuses on three aspects: sport; celebrating through learning; humanitarian projects. More specifically, all young people (aged 12-22), regardless of their background or abilities, are invited to play sports together on an equal footing during a ball game ("Völkerball") or learn the practice of "savate" or "French boxing". They are also encouraged to celebrate and learn through workshops on disabilities, information booths and an initiation to "Showdown" - ping-pong for the blind. In addition, entertainment for the whole family will be provided throughout the day, with a stage showcasing various live musical and dance performances.

The event also focuses on supporting humanitarian projects through the sale of drinks, food and a raffle (with many prizes to be won), organised by charities.

Registration for the "Völkerball" tournament is open to all young people (maximum six players per team) until Friday 13 September 2019. Participation costs €20 per team (meal included).

Access to the festival is free for all visitors.

Venue: Parc Laval, Luxembourg-Eich

Organiser: ASTI; AMIGO

Price: Free

Reservations: n/a