The Cluster for Logistics and the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Management will host a conference titled “Supply Chain Legislation, is it a Game Changer or just another Box to tick?” on Thursday 18 April 2024, at the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, from 14:30 to 18:00.

A keynote speech will be followed by dynamic panel discussions with experts about current and upcoming supply chain legislation and due diligence (CSDDD).

Prof Dr Dirk Andreas Zetzsche will deliver the keynote speech. Confirmed panellists from Capital at Work, Scrioo and Luxembourg’s Ministry of the Economy will be present for the occasion. Further details will follow soon.

To register, please use the following link:

Venue: Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg (7 Rue Alcide de Gasperi, 1615 Kirchberg Luxembourg)

Organiser: Cluster for Logistics; Luxembourg Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Price: N/a

Reservations: See above