The 2024 edition of the PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day will take place in the form of a physical event on Wednesday 5 June at Crystal Park in Luxembourg-Gasperich (Cloche d'Or).

This year's main theme is "The AI paradox: A blessing or a curse?". The transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionising cybersecurity is evident, but safeguarding AI systems is crucial to prevent harm, noted PwC. The widespread adoption of AI is fuelled by powerful and affordable computer chips, making it accessible to organisations of all sizes, coupled with the exponential growth of digital data. As AI applications become integral to daily life, their role in cybersecurity becomes paramount, leveraging their efficiency in scanning vast data for anomalies and identifying risks.

As every year, one of the highlights of the PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day is the pitching competition; PwC is looking for the top five innovative solutions addressing major cybersecurity or privacy challenges. The five finalists will compete on 5 June 2024 live from Luxembourg for the two following awards: 2024 PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Solution of the Year Award - Jury’s Choice and 2024 PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Solution of the Year Award - People’s Choice. The audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite solution right after the live pitch.

The PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day event - CEO Corner is scheduled for Tuesday 4 June, with the PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day, including the pitching competition, taking place on Wednesday 5 June 2024.

PwC Luxembourg will organise this year’s PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day on 5 June 2024 at PwC’s Luxembourg’s Crystal Park premises.The day’s agenda includes several presentations, interactive workshops sessions and the top five innovative solutions selected for this year's Cybersecurity & Privacy Solution of the Year Award will compete during the pitching contest.  

Participants on the day will be able to discover internationally renowned speakers, shedding light on the challenges today's sophisticated digital world is facing.

Speaker highlights include:

  • Geoff White, Investigative Journalist, Speaker and Author
  • Mika Lauhde, Senior Fellow, FIET, Private Law of Faculty of Law, Maastricht University
  • Donia El Kateb, Senior IT-Security Engineer, European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Stan ScharniggCo-founder – Operations/Finance/Sales, Chunk Works
  • Herwig Hofmann, Professor of European and Transnational Public Law, Head of the Department of Law, University of Luxembourg, FDEF
  • Nico Sienaert, Sr. GTM Lead Security, Microsoft

And many others…

The complete PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day agenda is available at the following link:

The PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Day is PwC's annual flagship event, the mission of which is to help CISOs, DPOs and CEOs ensure they keep their organisation secure in a digital society.

Venue: PwC Luxembourg - Crystal Park ( 2 Rue Gerhard Mercator, L-2182 Luxembourg)

Organiser: PwC Luxembourg

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