During the month of April, Transition Days Luxembourg, a nine-month virtual event around living more sustainably, turns its focus to the issue of water consumption and the major impact of the clothing industry.

On Thursday 22 April 2021, the conference "The Hidden Face of our Clothes: Environmental Impacts" will bring together the following three researchers for a panel discussion on the environmental impacts of our clothes: Katia Vladimirova, Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Sociological Research of the University of Geneva; Henri-Michel Cauchie, Head of the "Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology" Research Group at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST); Elorri Igos, an environmental scientist who analyses environmental impacts related to commercial and industrial products. Held at the Athénéé de Luxembourg in English and French, entry is free, with mandatory registration.

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Transition Days Luxembourg, an initiative from CELL – the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, is a biannual festival that aims to crowd-source solutions to help bring about a more sustainable future, part of the global Transition movement. The first edition was held in Luxembourg City in 2018 and brought together more than 50 local organisations and 1,500 participants around the topic of sustainable food production. With the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-2021 edition was transformed into a nine-month virtual event around the theme of “How to Live Together in a One Planet World?” Each month has focused on a different room in the home and the topics that connect to it, offering a full programme of online conferences and discussions, art exhibitions, podcasts, articles and weekly challenges. The event comes to a close in May and will be followed by the 2021 Transition Days Festival – more information to be released soon.

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Venue: Athénéé de Luxembourg

Organiser: CELL – the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg

Price: Free

Reservations: See above