Online (Classical & Egyptian) Arabic Lessons, 1ST LESSON FREE! Native Classical and Egyptian Arabic teacher who's Linguistic studies graduate from Cairo University, Egypt. I give lessons by webcam (e.g. Zoom) .أ ب ج .... =======1ST LESSON IS FREE!======== PLEASE Contact me to arrange the next lesson and a free lesson with no obligation! Email:- ( OR Please visit my website in English & French NEW!!! NEW!!! Now AUDIO LESSONS for conversation in Egyptian colloquial Arabic using programs/apps - Google Duo. - Facebook messenger. 1st. LESSON IS FREE (30 minutes) I would be delighted to assist you in your learning, do not hesitate to contact me! Goodbye! About Mohamed & Experience I am a professional Arabic tutor with 20 years of experience in this field. أنا مدرس لغة عربية محترف ولدي 20 عامًا من الخبرة في هذا المجال – Classical Arabic أنا مدرس عربي محترف وعندي 20 سنة خبرة في المجال ده –Egyptian Arabic My passion in life is teaching. I was born and raised in Cairo and had great success in school thanks to amazing and unforgettable teachers. It is the foundation of my commitment to help my students, whatever their ability. I have been tutoring and teaching for 20 years in a variety of settings - tutoring small and large groups, schools, one-on-one and most recently distance tutoring. I suggest you:- - Modern Arabic courses which allow you to start and progress, both orally and in writing. - Switch to dialect. - Intensive Arabic teaching. - Improve grammar and written Arabic. - Arabic lessons: basic to advanced. • Arabic for beginners • Conversational Arabic • Islamic Prayers • Arabic for children • Intensive Arabic • Arabic Literature • General Arabic • Business Arabic • • Egyptian Arabic = Each Lesson includes FOR FREE :- 1- All the PDF teaching materials I use . 2- All the audio that goes with the written materials. Mohamed's Curriculum Vitae - Holder of a literary baccalaureate in Cairo, Egypt. - Holder of a diploma in teaching the Arabic language to non-natives, the House of Arabic Language Sciences -كلية دار العلوم – ج.القاهرة , Cairo University, Egypt. = LANGUAGES : -ARABIC: Native speaker -FRENCH: Excellent command-(C1) = : According to several French, Swiss and Belgian institutes like:-Institut francais –Campus Langues -Ecole-club Migros- Altissia -Accent Français! -ENGLISH: Excellent command-C1 -GERMAN: Communication Skill-Certificate of German as a foreign language with grade " Good "- "Zdaf" {Zertifikat Deutsch als fremdsprache}-Goethe institute in Cairo. -SPANISH: Good command-A1 = Hobbies : Music, Tinkering around the house, Going to museums. Rates Rate for 1 webcam lesson/cours: 25€/h Rate for 5h pack of lessons/cours: 125 € Rate for 10h pack of lessons/cours: 235€ Details PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: # THESE RATES ARE PER ONE PERSON FOR ONE HOUR OF LESSONS # # Prices for group lessons in groups of 2 to 3 people by webcam: - Rate of 1h lesson/cours: 45 € Rate for 5h of lessons/cours: 225 € Rate for 10h of lessons/cours: 420 € Each lesson includes FREE: - 1- All the educational materials that I use PDF. 2- All the audio that accompanies the written documents. NEW!!! NEW!!! Now AUDIO LESSONS for conversation in Egyptian colloquial Arabic using programs/apps - Google Duo. - Facebook messenger. 1st. LESSON IS FREE (30 minutes) Rates OF AUDIO/ CONERSATIONAL LESSONS:- 1 hour lesson = 14€~15.50 CHF 5 cours =65€~70 CHF 10 cours = 100€~105 CHF ## HOW TO PAY FOR ONE OF MY PACKAGES: - Once we agree to the course schedule, you will receive an IBAN to make a direct deposit to my bank account, NO credit card number or PIN will be given, NO DRAINING of your money under any name, NO COMMISSION paid to anyone or to any site, NO subscription whatsoever deducted by credit card etc .....

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Date Posted: 03 Jun, 2022