In order to stop a program from entering into Quarantine after restoration on Bullguard the user needs to get exceptions created for that in the antivirus program, for the creation of those exceptions, open the Bullguard antivirus on the system then click on settings on the top of the screen then in the top right corner of the screen click on “advanced” then from the left corner of the screen click “antivirus” in order to turn it off after that return to the main screen and the4n click on three dots button after that from the box choose the option “Quarantine” then check the box given next to file and then press the restore button, then click on settings button again then again select “antivirus” further select tuning under it then turn on the antivirus , then return to the main screen and close the antivirus program. If you still need any sort of help or support then connect at Bullguard Help Number Uk &

Price: € 23




Date Posted: 12 Feb, 2019