"SOCCER-SOCCER" Only Full Professional Football Academy Registered in Luxembourg ORGANIZING 2018 CARNIVAL INDOOR SOCCER CAMP (12-16 February 2018) For boys and girls ages 4 -17 INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF LUXEMBOURG, 36 Blvd Pierre Dupong, HOLLERICH ============================= Please, register today to avoid disappointment. Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CAMP ONLY = 200.00 Euro CAMP + LUNCH = 250.00 Euro ============================= www.2xsoccer.lu GSM. 621.515.195. ============================= SOCCER-SOCCER" was founded in February 1998. From the first time in Luxembourg (2003) we are proud to offer a special camp devoted solely to football in all its aspects. SOCCER-SOCCER training sessions are in the six distinct phases: 

 1. Individual training 
 2. Positional (functional) training 
 3. Team training 
 4. Goalkeeper training 
 5. Olympic Games 
 6. Mini World Cup Games Children will learn new soccer skills and enjoy playing different types of soccer, without a coach or parental involvement. In a non-competitive, non-stressful and friendly environment we will allow kids to be kids. This is the best environment for kids to express their imagination and creativity and this is way how European kids master their soccer skill. A lot of young players and goalkeepers ages 4 - 17 from those areas have benefited from our expertise. Few years ago Soccer-Soccer was undertaken by GLOBALPRO S.a.r.l. Head Coach Senad Arnautovic in cooperation with Globalpro director S.N.A. and coaching staff will ensure that all programs operate on schedule, in a safe and friendly atmosphere and allow everyone a great opportunity to improve their skills. Not only is our program instructional but it is also a lot of fun for everyone. Football is our love, we want your child to grow, to love the game, and have the same passion for it as we do. Our hope is that you and your children will choose our academy.

Price: € 200





Date Posted: 01 Feb, 2018