Luxembourg's National Championships in Speedskating 2023;

The Luxembourg Speedskating Uion held its National Championships last weekend at the Kockelscheuer ice rink.

The overall classifications were as follows:

- Classification A: 1st Peter Murphy; 2nd Jimmy Kiesgen

- Classification B: 1st Sidoine Conesa; 2nd Elisa Aulamo; 3rd March Kiesgen

- Classification C: 1st Johan (Zjouhan) Yuan; 2nd manda Yao; 3rd Cloe Ska

- Classification D: 1st Manlin Wang; 2nd Rongbei Xia; 3rd Eden (Ruqing) Zhang

The union is organising two training-camps, firstly from 11 - 15 April in Albertville, France, and then from 29 July - 8 August in Oberstdorf, Germany.

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