On Wednesday 23 November 2022, Luxembourg's Ministry of the Civil Service published a detailed study on processing accessory remuneration for civil servants.

This is a census of supplements to the basic remuneration of State agents as of 31 December 2021, including civil servants, employees and employees of the State as well as army volunteers. The document was presented to the General Confederation of the Civil Service (CGFP) as well as to the deputies of the parliamentary commission for the Civil Service.

The origin of the study dates back to a memorandum of understanding, signed on 15 July 2011 between the government and the CGFP, in which the Ministry of the Civil Service undertook to carry out a general study on all the accessories salary, due to the lack of an overview of the multitude of bonuses awarded over time. The desire to continue the work already started was then reaffirmed in the salary agreement of December 2016.

Before coming to the accessories of the remuneration, the study provides the figures concerning the salaries on which the accessories are grafted. This shows that the gross basic salary of an official currently represents an average amount of €8,688 per month, including the end-of-year allowance. Added to this, for all those concerned, is a meal allowance of €204 net per month and, for more than half of the civil servants, a gross family allowance of €599.81. For state employees, this average basic amount is €6,742, plus the meal allowance and, for almost half of them, the family allowance. Employees have a gross base salary of €3,987 per month.

The study provides an overview of the various existing remuneration accessories, in addition to the aforementioned basic remuneration, as well as their respective legal bases. The data to feed the study come from two different payment systems which currently coexist and which, for reasons of consistency and transparency, are intended to be centralised in the future into a single processing system.

The study also includes a statistical section enabling comparison of the amounts of bonuses and indemnities, their characteristics, as well as their distribution by administration, personnel status or treatment group.

Although the recorded number of 232 different allowances may seem high, the overall volume represents only about 5% of the overall payroll of civil servants. 62% of civil servants benefit from at least one allowance. The average gross amount of accessories received per beneficiary agent is €9,384 per year, in addition to the basic remuneration.

Remuneration accessories focus on a limited number of administrations, so that the agents of about ten administrations benefit from more than 70% of the volume of paid accessories. Among these administrations, officers from the Grand-Ducal police, basic and post-primary education and the Roads and Bridges Administration are the most important beneficiaries.

However, the relative part of the accessories in the remuneration can be very variable according to the career and the administration of the agent concerned.

The full report is available online via: https://gouvernement.lu/fr/actualites/toutes_actualites/communiques/2022/11-novembre/23-etude-fonction-publique.html.