On Tuesday 19 July 2022, the Department of State of the United States released the 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report, otherwise known as the “TIP Report”, confirming the Tier 1 category for Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The TIP Report is a comprehensive and global resource of governmental anti-trafficking efforts and the United States’ principal diplomatic and diagnostic tool to guide international governments on human trafficking. This year’s report, the 22nd installment, includes narratives for 188 countries and territories, including the United States.

In this year’s report, Luxembourg remained in the top Tier 1 category as “the government continued to demonstrate serious and sustained efforts during the reporting period, considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its anti-trafficking capacity.”

As it does every year, the report also makes some recommendations for Luxembourg in 2022, such as sentencing traffickers to significant prison terms and ensuring convicted traffickers actually serve those sentences, among other areas.

The full report is available online via: https://www.state.gov/reports/2022-trafficking-in-persons-report/ (for Luxemburg, see page 356).

The tier rankings included within the 2022 TIP Report highlight the renewed efforts by governments to combat trafficking, including labor trafficking, around the world with several noteworthy upgrades, while calling out concerns and inadequate responses in others – especially where government officials were involved in alleged trafficking crimes.