Luxembourg's Ministry of Health has announced that the Grand Duchy is participating in this year's European Web Survey on Drugs aimed at assessing the use of drugs.

Launched on Wednesday by the Luxembourg EMCDDA Focal Point in collaboration with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the survey targets people over the age of 18 who have used drugs. Its aim is to improve understanding of drug use patterns and to contribute to the development of future policies and interventions in this field in Europe.

This anonymous survey, which is based on voluntary participation, is being carried out in 31 countries this year. As in previous years, the survey is disseminated at the national level by the Reitox focal points and their partners as well as through targeted advertisements on social networks.

The new six-week survey is structured into different modules that address socio-demographic aspects, uses, access to treatment, accessibility to illicit substances and the impact of COVID-19 on consumption. The survey is aimed at all drug users (from the age of 18) who wish to share relevant information on their consumption in a simple and completely anonymous way.

This project is considered important for Luxembourg, because its conclusions will contribute to the emergence of detailed knowledge on drug consumption practices and on the quantities of drugs consumed. In particular, it will improve estimates of the market size at the national and the European level and, in so doing, will contribute to the development of action plans, preventive measures and public policies.

The survey is available in French, German, Portuguese and English and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Although online surveys are not necessarily representative of the general population, when conducted with care and combined with traditional methods of data collection, they do help to paint a more detailed, realistic and timely picture of consumption and drug markets.

Those wishing to complete the questionnaire are invited to do so via the following link:

A promotional video can be viewed on YouTube at:

Further information is also provided in a methodological video available on YouTube at: