Kleos scouting mission; Credit: Kleos Space

Kleos Space, a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data provider based in Luxembourg, has announced that it will collaborate with Spire Global, one of the world's largest space to cloud analytics companies.

Kleos and Spire will work together to combine Spire AIS data with KLEOS RF data to create a new shared capability and enhanced tools for maritime safety. The effort will support and augment tools for governments, maritime agencies and all organisations with strategic interest in detecting dark vessels.

This collaboration represents the first time that an AIS provider and RF Satellite provider have entered into an agreement where these datasets will be integrated. The collaboration opens up access to the respective customer bases for the company’s individual and combined products with Kleos being defence-market focussed and Spire being commercial-market focussed.

Whilst Spires can filter precise images of legal maritime activity, the Kleos RF activity data can rapidly provide a view of illegal activity.

“Spire Maritime shares a desire to illuminate parts of the world just as Kleos does,” commented John Lusk, General Manager of Spire Maritime. “We continue to partner with the most innovative industry experts to create new access to highly relevant datasets for customers worldwide". 

Kleos’ CEO Andy Bowyer added, “The collaboration between Kleos and Spire will provide unprecedented detection of dark vessels. The Safety at Sea Collaboration will provide an effective tool for Governments, Maritime Agencies and other organisations with an interest in keeping our seas safe".