Last Wednesday, 23 Explorer Scouts received their Merite Jeunesse awards (14 Bronze, 8 Silver and 1 Gold) in Luxembourg (equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award) from the Heriditary Grand Duke, Prince Guillaume in a ceremony held at the Forum Geesseknäppchen in Luxembourg-Merl.

In total 200 young people received their award, with Telstar being the largest visibly represented organisation.

The Merite Jeunesse award offers many life-long benefits to young people. It is a holistic package encompassing body, mind and soul, and pt provides life-long memories and binds friendships.

The Merite Jeunesse Award comprises 3 levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Within each level there are various components: service, skill, physical, adventurous journey and, at Gold level, a residential experience. These parts should be completed over various time frames, for example an hour a week for 6 months. When you consider that young people often have exams and other commitments, completing everything can be challenging. These awards are not just handed out indiscriminately, so Telstar leaders - headed by Nicola Laurent - can rightly be proud of their charges' achievements. Everyone involved does so voluntarily, from leaders to the young people themselves and these occasions remind us exactly why.
This now gives Telstar a running total of 18 Bronze, 10 Silver and 7 Gold Awards.