The Luxembourg Poland Business Club (LPBC) recently held its 2nd annual Entrepreneurial Woman 2015 programme.

The participants included a total of 27 women representing 21 nationalities attending courses lasting 8-9 hours on six Saturdays in the autumn, comprising both lectures and case studies. The event targeted women with a business idea interested in setting up a start-up in Luxembourg, with no or very basic knowledge in running their own business.

The courses addressed: idea generation, networking, types of business entities, inbound & outbound marketing, business plan, credits for start-ups and fundraising, individual business plan, business model canvas, rental law, webpage development, social media, coaching for entrepreneurial, project management etc., corporate responsibility.

Course organiser Grzegorz Peczkowski stated "I had again the great pleasure to lead this very unique initiative to the Luxembourgish business market. Based on our experience last year we have been able to expand the programme, involving new trainers as well as new companies and therefore encouraged more ladies from a large number of nationalities to participate. Each Saturday brought a new challenging topic, which intellectually stretched the participants and led to many constructive discussions. The atmosphere was open and positive, and attendees were motivated to share their ideas and knowledge in a team building environment. We are already looking forward to the next edition, with a further development of the programme and to the new ideas which will be uncovered. The EWP would not be so successful without the meaningful support of our sponsors, other LPBC members and especially Sylwia Pomienska, whom we thank."

The Awards for the 2015 EWP went to:
1st  place (€500): K. D. - Villa for pets

2nd place (€250): Kinga Schubert - Interior Design

3rd  place (Wine): Heidi Kurki - Maroccan Feast

Quotes from trainers:

It has been my pleasure working with such a great group of creative and dedicated women Entrepreneurs. With their positive attitude and passion for their business idea, nothing will stop them realising their dreams. Recognising and identifying the Stakeholder Value and Impact are the key elements when working on a new Business idea!” -Viktoría Valdimarsdóttir.

Open mindedness and willingness to share are two conditions to fully benefit from participation to the Entrepreneurial Women Project. I was happy to see during the Idea Generation session 2016 that all these wonderful women were open to listen and share and were eager to optimise their ideas, products and services for the customers' needs".- Esther Celosse.

My sincere thanks to the Polish Business club for the opportunity to work with a great group of smart, charming and motivated future business owner entrepreneurs. The teaching went two ways as I appreciated what I learned from them... And can only hope what I gave them was good in return".- Paul Michael Schonenberg.