Luxembourg’s City Council has relaunched its call for applications to accompany children on their journeys to and from their primary school, with a view to the introduction of new "Pedibus" routes after the Easter holidays in the Limpertsberg, Cessange, Belair (Kayser school) and Rollingergrund districts.

Note that the introduction of these new routes depends on the number of supervisors available.

Those interested in accompanying pupils on the future "Pedibus" routes are invited to send the completed form available on to the Luxembourg City Department of Education (Service Enseignement de la Ville de Luxembourg 110, avenue Gaston Diderich, L-1420 Luxembourg) or via mail at

The Pedibus is an environmentally friendly means of transport that runs according to a precise timetable and route through various districts of the capital, picking up children at stops indicated by a sign. Under the guidance of adults, the children are then walked to school, or to the stop nearest to their home at the end of lessons. With this initiative, the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg – VdL) noted it aims to:

  • protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • strengthen social cohesion and encourage social interaction;
  • increase safety around schools by reducing the number of motorised vehicles;
  • raise children's awareness of road safety from an early age;
  • promote children's health through the benefits of movement and walking.

Due to the project’s success since its launch in 2021, the Luxembourg City Council added it will continue to evaluate further extensions to other areas of the city.

Further information on the Pedibus and the role of accompanying adults is available at