BESIX Environment and Lux ​​TP, in a joint venture, have announced that they are to modernise the electromechanical installations of the Mamer wastewater treatment plant in Luxembourg. 

The contract, worth €19 million, was awarded to them on 9 July 2020 by SIDERO, the inter-municipal water depollution company covering 26 municipalities and 80,000 inhabitants in the west of the country; the works will take 4 years to complete following an August start date.

Electromechanics & Environmental performance

The modernisation consists of equipping the wastewater treatment plant with advanced technologies, increasing its capacity and improving its efficiency, both in terms of energy and purification.

The station will generate part of its own electricity consumption in the future. For this purpose, the companies will install a sludge treatment process that will produce biogas. This biogas will then be used to provide heat and electricity. BESIX is carrying out similar projects elsewhere in the world, in particular in the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands where the company has built two of the first energy-neutral wastewater treatment plants in the Benelux.

The purification capacity will be high in order to treat wastewater to an equivalent of 50,000 inhabitants-equivalent, against 23,500 currently.

Site coordination & BIM

In addition to carrying out the electromechanical works, BESIX Environment and Lux ​​TP are responsible for the coordination of the site workers, in particular the coordination with the civil engineering works (Tralux), and the design office, Holinger.

In this context, BESIX Environment teams will produce a BIM model of the wastewater treatment plant, transforming the current plans into a dynamic 3D model. The BIM approach consists of creating a virtual model of a project before building it in the real world. This model will allow the modernisation of the station to be optimally managed, as well as its maintenance, once the station is completed.

The project management has for its part been assigned by SIDERO to the firm Drees & Sommer.

Phasing of work

Throughout the modernisation works, the treatment plant will remain in operation, maintaining its current performance at all times, both in terms of quantity and quality of the treated water. This requirement generates a significant and particularly precise phasing of work. The project will start on 24 August 2020 and will last 4 years. The works will be carried out in 9 specific phases.

Luxembourg market & One-Stop-Shop

BESIX Environment and Lux ​​TP have been present on the Luxembourg wastewater treatment plant market since 2018. They have established themselves among the main players in the sector, with contracts of increasing importance.

In 2020, BESIX Environment and Lux ​​TP are carrying out electromechanical work in six purification plants in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in Consdorf, Wiltz, Bous, Nachtsmandersheid, Putscheid-Weiler-Stolzenbourg and Mamer.

This presence on the Luxembourg wastewater treatment plant market results from the combination of the respective expertise of Lux TP, the Luxembourg subsidiary of BESIX Group, and BESIX Environment, a department of the group specializing in the environmental field, in particular the sectors of water and energy. This is also an example of the One-Stop-Shop solution that BESIX Group offers to its customers, that is to say the combination of various expertise available in-house to meet their needs.