Co-labor SC;

The LCGB trade union has reported that, after long negotiations and as being part of what they described "a difficult situation", the renewal of the collective labour agreement for the staff of co-labor sc was signed on Friday 14 May 2021 by the LCGB, the management and board of directors.

The collective labour agreement affects the approximately 80 employees of co-labor, with improvements listed as follows:

• a new remuneration system with a salary increase of at least €800 over a 35-year career development;
• a new structured career model which introduces 4 careers;
• the introduction of a loyalty bonus after 10, 20 and 30 years of service at the rate of 1 month's salary;
• an increase in annual holidays to 28 days;
• the introduction of additional days of leave after 10, 20 and 30 years of service;
• an increase in clothing allowance by 16% to €190.

The collective labour agreement has a duration of 36 months, i.e. from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2024.