Ayanna Witter-Johnson; Credit: Nick Howe

Ayanna Witter-Johnson, a multi-talented artist, will perform a classic soul crossover concert with her quartet at CAPE Ettelbruck on Thursday 8 February 2024 at 20:00. 

Born to Jamaican parents in Britain, Ayanna shapes her music as a vibrant tribute to her ancestral heritage, culture and identity. 

According to the promoter "Endowed with a captivating voice and exceptional mastery of the cello, she virtuosically merges musical genres, navigating between soul, classical, jazz, reggae, pop and folk. Her concert promises a unique experience, each note resonating as a testimony of cultural diversity and deep emotion".

“Ayanna Witter-Johnson is the artist of our times. She’s a cellist, songwriter and singer and everyone needs to be listening to her right now. She is fire" The Guardian

Tickets €26 (€13 reduced)

For details and tickets, see https://cape.lu/ayanna-witter-johnson-quartet/13837