Luxembourgish jazz band Gilles Grethen Quartet after last year's debut “Time Suite”, released the second album “State of Mind” featuring a string orchestra on 21 October on Double Moon Records.

Gilles Grethen, a young jazz guitarist, with his quartet will be playing the official release concert on Saturday 3 December 2022 at 20:00 in ArcA cultural centre, 17 Rue Atert, 8051, Bertrange, Luxembourg.

I wanted to have a larger line-up for the second album, although I first thought of a big band,” said Grethen. "But I always had the sound of strings in my mind when composing, because I come from classical music and I exclusively played that as a child and adolescent. The sound didn't let go of me, and I thought I had to do something with it; I even had some good ideas right away.”

The son of a music professor and a bassoonist, Gilles Grethen wanted to have room for improvisation. “That was the big question I faced when I composed the music,” the guitarist said. "I then solved it in such a way that the strings do not play in the parts of the improvisation in which the quartet improvises. They play a major role in the themes and the composed parts, but the quartet comes to the fore in the improvised parts. It is always an interplay between orchestra, orchestra and band and the quartet alone, which always takes over when it comes to improvisation.”

The members of his band are important and constant components for Grethen in his music. “Gabriele Basilico has an incredible sound and very beautiful ideas when accompanying,” he stated describing his bassist. “He does not fall into the typical bass role, but also plays with melodies and the theme.” About drummer Michel Meis, Grethen said: “He contributes an incredible amount of energy, which fires your own enthusiasm so much while you are playing that the music almost explodes”. Regarding Vincent Pinn, who plays trumpet and flugelhorn, Grethen said: “He has a very round sound and improvises very imaginatively. He plays with melodies and is full of surprises. He never plays the way you expect, and I think that’s great.”

Tickets cost €12 and are available online at:,53645/gilles-grethen-quartet-%26-strings.html.

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