On Wednesday 12 October 2022, Luxembourg trade unions LCGB and the OGBL welcomed the official signing ceremony between Cargolux and the Boeing for the order of ten new 777-8 Freighter aircrafts to replace the current fleet of 747-400 Freighters.

At the same time, the trade unions demanded that the current investment should further strengthen the localisation and jobs in Luxembourg. For the trade unions, it will be rightful for more than 1,800 Cargolux employees working in Luxembourg to expect that all new Boeing 777-8F aircraft ordered on Wednesday be flown, maintained and administratively supported by Cargolux employees in Luxembourg within the framework of the existing collective work agreement.

The trade unions asserted that the introduction of the Boeing 777-8F by Cargolux must not be used to relocate jobs abroad or to employ staff for this aircraft type outside the Cargolux collective work agreement.

According to the two trade unions, Luxembourg as an aviation hub employs more than 25,000 individuals, of which 6,000 are direct jobs.