Credit: LCGB

On Tuesday 27 June 2022, the LCGB trade union announced an extension of the collective agreement recently signed with the management of Lidl Luxembourg, a supermarket chain in Luxembourg.

The agreement will be valid for a period of three years, namely from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2025 inclusive. Negotiations, conducted within the framework of social dialogue, were constructive and notably led to the following results:

For the year 2022:

  • revision and increase of the scales valuing new levels up to 25 years of seniority;
  • automatic adaptation of the scales according to the next adaptation of the minimum social wage, which represents an innovation in the sales sector;
  • increase in the overtime rate from 40% to 50%;
  • increase in the "rate of increase" for Sunday hours from 70% to 80%;
  • introduction of an exceptional and unique gift of €50 net in the form of reduction vouchers for purchases at Lidl;
  • increase in the value of Lidl checks distributed each year on the occasion of Saint Nicolas from €16 to €35 net.

From 1 January 2023:

  • the end-of-year bonus will be converted into a presenteeism bonus paid twice a year, increased or reduced according to their presence at work;
  • a jubilee bonus corresponding to one month's salary will be paid after 25 years of service;
  • days of seniority leave are supplemented by a fifth day granted after 20 years of seniority.

From 1 March 2024:

  • increase in the "rate of increase" for Sunday hours to 90%.

The LCGB welcomed that an agreement has been reached for a new collective agreement and it is in the interest of the employees of the Lidl Luxembourg. For the years to come, the negotiated salary increases will further stimulate the attractiveness of the retail sector.