On Tuesday 20 July 2021, the LCGB trade union, together with the OGBL, have signed the renewal of the collective agreement with the management of Delhaize. 

The agreement will be valid for a period of 3 years, from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2024 inclusive, and includes many assets, such as:

• an end-of-year bonus of up to 105% (of a monthly salary) with conditions related to absenteeism and warning. The performance condition will no longer be taken into account (payment of the end-of-year bonus on a pro-rata basis for those who retire);
• one day of additional leave for each 5 years of seniority;
• one additional day of leave after 25 years of continuous service;
• Sunday work will now be increased to 90%;
• guarantee of the continuity of the salary scale up to 25 years of service;
• the introduction of an hour credit for 2 medical visits per year (2x4 hours);
• a revaluation of the bonuses of Team Leader replacements (€45 / week) and Assistants / Experts (€27.50 / week);
• a change in the criteria for the chef's bonus;
• a gesture for family events (death, birth, marriage and retirement);
• the establishment of a time-savings account to safeguard unused days of seniority leave;
• the establishment of a P.O.T over a period of 4 weeks;
• the introduction of an article of the right to disconnect

The two unions welcomed the agreement reached, which expresses a clear thank you and commitment to employees, who have met the needs of society and customers throughout this health crisis.