Credit: Pixabay

On Wednesday 21 April 2021, the LCGB and OGBL trade unions signed a sec As of today, the LCGB majority union in the sector of private bus and coach companies and the OGBL, have signed a job retention plan for the bus sector in Luxembourg.
In a press release issued today, the LCGB (the majority union in the private bus and coach company sector) recalled that whilst most bus companies were in a healthy and strong financial position before the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now facing an unprecedented collapse in occasional transportation and travel. Following this virtual shutdown of the tourism sector, the job retention plan signed by the social partners is aimed at preventing negative consequences for employees.
Concluded for a period of four months, i.e. from 1 May to 31 August 2021 (subject to approval), the job retention plan aims to guarantee the protection of the existence of employees, in particular through the following measures:
- voluntary part-time work;
- voluntary career break (unpaid leave);
- short-time working;
- early retirement-adjustment;
- temporary loan of labour (exclusively on a voluntary basis);
- non-replacement of departures;
- encouragement of training for internal and external employees;
- prohibition of redundancies for economic reasons during the duration of the job retention plan.