Today, Thursday 22 October 2015, the newly established Luxembourg Art Law and Art & Finance Association (LAFA) is hosting over 350 distinguished guests at Le Freeport Luxembourg for an inaugural event to celebrate its launch.

Luxembourg has always had a leadership role in the design and execution of innovative financial solutions for discerning clients. With LAFA, Luxembourg now aims at taking a leadership role in the development and promotion of legal and financial solutions to issues related to art collecting and management.

LAFA’s main objectives are:

- To act as the local spokesperson for the ARTLAW and ARTFIN industry, to generate, propose, promote and support legislative improvements in its field of activity;

- To position and promote Luxembourg as the ARTLAW and ARTFIN competence center in Europe;

- To assist in developing best practices within the art industry based on high professional standards, to enhance the industry’s transparency and promote a compliant way of doing business under appropriate governance rules;

- To develop specific research programmes within the art industry;

- To attract international companies to Luxembourg in particular those within the ArtFin and ArtTech space, further enhancing Luxembourg’s competence as an international hub for art related services. LAFA will be the local point of reference providing guidance and advice to new entrants.

LAFA will further its goals through:

- the organisation of exchange fora, conferences, seminars dedicated to ARTLAW and ARTFIN topics and/or active participation therein;

- working closely together with other stakeholders such as the University of Luxembourg and in particular the Luxembourg School of Finance and like-minded associations such as PAIAM, InstitutArt&Droit, Basel Institute on Governance;

- targeted interventions at major fairs such as TEFAF, ART BASEL or FRIEZE to reach out to the international collectors community.

LAFA’s membership is drawn from the art, art related, finance and legal professions.

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