Minister Fayot (first on the right) sending the first electronic registered letter to Luxembourg to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of POST, Serge Allegrezza (second on the right); Credit: POST Luxembourg

On Monday 2 October 2023, POST Luxembourg presented the electronic registered delivery service in the presence of Luxembourg’s Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, who sent the first electronic registered letter in Luxembourg.

Complementary to the traditional postal offer, the new electronic registered service from POST Luxembourg makes it possible to transmit one or more electronic documents in PDF format to a recipient who can receive them online using strong authentication with an identity device LuxTrust digital.

This qualified electronic registered delivery service within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 is equivalent to that of a paper registered delivery service.

Mario Treinen, Director of POST Courrier, explained: “The electronic registered delivery service is one step among others in our process of digitalising our postal activity, which will be followed by other online services and tools, aimed in particular at to improve the customer experience. In 2022, POST processed more than three million registered post items and I estimate that a certain percentage of these items will be made electronically in the near future. This new POST solution is initially aimed primarily at our professional customers, and by the end of the year, we also expect our individual customers to use the electronic registered letter as an alternative to the classic registered letter by post.

Available via the MyPost online application (, the electronic registered letter service is offered at the price of €8 (VAT included) per shipment. In accordance with legal provisions, the sender must have previously obtained the recipient's agreement on his wish to receive electronic registered post. Both the sender and the recipient must have a means of LuxTrust authentication. Reserved for professional customers, an API connection to the electronic registered post sending interface is also available.

Pierre Zimmer, Deputy General Manager of POST Luxembourg, emphasised: “POST is continuing its policy of innovation and the development and implementation of this digital solution demonstrate the collaboration capabilities within the POST Luxembourg Group, in this case between the teams from POST Luxembourg and our subsidiary LuxTrust.

Minister Fayot expressed these congratulations to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of POST, Serge Allegrezza, by sending the first electronic registered letter to Luxembourg:

With electronic registered post, POST Luxembourg has just launched a new service for its customers. Aimed at individuals and professionals, the registered letter initiated online, then transmitted and received in electronic format, constitutes a highly secure, economical and eco-responsible method of sending as well as a considerable time saving for both the sender and the recipient. I would like to congratulate POST Luxembourg as well as all its collaborators who were directly or indirectly involved in this project for the tremendous work accomplished. Facilitating digital exchanges, the deployment of the service for sending and receiving a registered letter in electronic format is part of the culture of innovation recommended by POST Luxembourg at all levels of the Group.

According to POST Luxembourg, due to the legal obligation for the sender to obtain the recipient's agreement to receive a registered letter electronically, this solution is primarily aimed at businesses.

More information on the electronic registered service is available on