G-Core Labs, an international provider of cloud and edge solutions based in Luxembourg, has announced that the platform Aggregion is now connected to the G-Core Labs cloud.

Aggregion, a company that develops solutions for collaborative work with data and the creation of partner ecosystems, is now connected to the G-Core Labs cloud. This cloud is located in jurisdictions important for Aggregion and supports Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) for secure work. Intel SGX was integrated into the G-Core Labs cloud thanks to software from Scontain.

Software solutions provided by Aggregion let various companies like retailers, telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, IT corporations and marketing agencies commence secure and efficient collaborative projects with massive amounts of anonymised data related to purchases and audience characteristics. Due to the attained synergetic effect, partners who cooperate on the Aggregion platform, such as banks and retailers, can optimise cross-channel advertising campaigns, promote each other’s products and services to target audiences, manage customer loyalty and create various partner programmes.

Nukri Basharuli, CEO of Aggregion, commented: “Interest in Aggregion’s solutions has increased. A number of current and potential customers have requested the physical placement of the cloud in specific jurisdictions where Aggregion services operate. G-Core Labs works in all key regions including the USA, European Union and CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States]. Moreover, our clients need to be able to quickly deploy and scale a solution, as well as support secure data processing technologies, which is why we’ve chosen this company as our cloud partner".

Vsevolod Vayner, G-Core Labs head of cloud platforms, added: “We’re happy to be Aggregion’s partners and we understand the requirements for protecting the sensitive data of our partner’s clients in finance, retail, telecom, media and other industries. That is exactly why we now support the Intel SGX encryption standard. This solution provides hardware-based memory encryption. It creates so-called enclaves to isolate code and app data that requires protection. No one can enter an enclave without the owner’s permission, even by using the processes and software that function on the more privileged levels, including operating systems and hypervisors”.