Six Luxembourg, German, French and Swiss companies have joined the recently established Encryption Europe, an alliance supported by the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Competence Centre (C3).

Encryption Europe addresses the challenge of encryption made simple for all. The massive development of the internet has created a growing need to secure online usages and applications, to which encryption technologies have responded. However, the legitimacy of encryption remains debated and its adoption is not yet by default.

Encryption Europe is an alliance of European SMEs committed to making encryption simple, useful and reliable for all. Its objective is to promote encryption of communications by default, share best practices and unite European stakeholders around a common vision.

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, coordinator of Encryption Europe, stated: "Encryption is a sensitive issue for many actors, including governments, while most citizens are reassured by the fact that their conversations remain private. Our motivation to create Encryption Europe is to explain this technology in a simple way, based on the real life experience of the companies who operate it on a daily basis."

The members of the alliance are working to promote strong and sustainable encryption techniques, with a simple approach that is understandable to all. Pascal Steichen, Director of SECURITYMADEIN.LU, added: "Luxembourg has a long tradition of protecting personal data. With this in mind, the Grand Duchy's policy is to encourage innovative companies to develop encryption solutions in a stable regulatory environment." 

The Alliance is open to new memberships from companies and organisations that recognize themselves in its values. For more information, see