Hockey Club Luxembourg is organising an international hockey tournament this week-end (8-9 July 2017) with teams from the UK, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands playing at the Terrain de Sport Boy Konen in Luxembourg-Cessange.

This will be the 7th edition of the Luxury Hockey Tour, this year named “Safari” Tour.

As with previous years, this is a charity tour - all funds raised will go to worthy causes, including KriibsKrank Kanner (which has been supporting children fighting cancer or a rare life threatening disease and their families for over 28 years), as well as Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE, a charity supporting poor children in Cambodia, giving them an education to ensure they have a better life).

All bar takings and sponsorship goes directly to the chosen charities. This event's record year raised €12,000 in one day.

All matches will be played with 8 players, incl a padded goalie and at least 3 ladies on the pitch at all times. Matches will be played on half-size pitches and will last 25 minutes one-way. Indoor rules will apply.


London ACA
Luxembourg 1
The Marvel'us (Arlon)


Cunning Huntsmen (Geneva)
Luxembourg Elephants
Super 12 (Den Haag)
Didsbury Donkeys (Manchester)
Brussels - Orange

Matches on Saturday start at 09:00, with the final (2 x 20 mins) scheduled to start at around 16:10, followed by the prize ceremony.

On the Sunday, Oscars Pub hill host a BBQ for all participants from 11:00.

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