The Luxembourgish non-profit organisation ADA (Appui au développement autonome) and impact fund manager Innpact SA have announced they are joining forces to launch Sunflower Seeds Asbl, a non-profit organisation which promotes female entrepreneurship and personal development.

Sunflower Seeds aims to provide aspiring female leaders in Luxembourg with financial assistance, mentorship and more, empowering them to drive positive change in the world.

With a specific focus on social and environmental impact projects based in Luxembourg or strongly connected to the Grand Duchy, Sunflower Seeds is looking to pave the way for women-led entrepreneurial and personal development initiatives. The organisation's overarching objective is to foster a nurturing environment where women can thrive and bring their transformative ideas to fruition.

Emphasising the goal of empowering women to assume leadership roles and effect positive change, Sunflower Seeds draws inspiration from the journey of Corinne Molitor. A prominent figure in Luxembourg's impact and inclusive finance sector, Corinne, after serving as the Head of Business Development at Banque de Luxembourg, became a partner at Innpact SA, a Luxembourg-based impact finance specialist. Leading strategic initiatives, she later chaired the Board of Directors of ADA, an inclusive finance non-profit organisation with a significant global contribution over the last 30 years, supported by the Luxembourgish government.

Corinne's steadfast belief in inclusive finance as a means to alleviate poverty and enhance people's agency in shaping their lives serves as a guiding inspiration for Sunflower Seeds. The initiative aspires to carry forward Corinne's legacy by motivating other women in Luxembourg to take the lead in making a meaningful impact.

Funding for this initiative comes from private donations in memory of Corinne, supplemented by annual member contributions, including those from founding members ADA and Innpact. Sunflower Seeds operates under a governance structure with a General Assembly of Members and a Board of Directors comprising representatives from the founding members and Corinne's family.

Sunflower Seeds Asbl is officially launching at the European Microfinance Week in Abbaye de Neumünster on Wednesday 15 November 2023.