Credit: The Animal Fund / Berit Legrand

On Thursday 20 June 2019, The Animal Fund (TAF) held a conference entitled "How to live a plastic free life" in Cercle Munster in Luxembourg-Grund.

The conference explained the huge importance of the ocean, which delivers more than 50% of the earth's oxygen. The TAF particularly emphasised the role played by whales who indirectly provide this oxygen through the provision of nutrients to phytoplankton, which in turn absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then emit oxygen via photosynthesisis.

Thus, more whales would mean more phytoplankton, which would mean a greater absorption of carbon dioxide and ultimately a greater release of oxygen. In this context, the TAF emphasised that saving the whales also means saving humankind - what with plastic pollution having a deadly effect on whales, all marine life and even humans as it eventually breaks down to microplastic and ends up in the food chain.

Consequently, the TAF explained how everyone can play a role in this challenge by replacing plastic with alternative items in daily households. The association presented several alternatives as well as where to buy them.

This was the first time that the TAF, a non-profit association in France, Monaco and the UK, was presented in Luxembourg. The association aims to protect the ocean and its marine life from pollution and overfishing. It hosts events, presentations and works with schools every week to inform about the endangered and polluted ocean as well as its risks for our health.