Solarcells SA inauguration, with government representatives and Luxembourg’s Grand Duke (centre); Credit: Solarcells SA

Solarcells SA, an innovative company in the field of solar energy, celebrated the official inauguration of its new solar panel factory on Thursday 18 January 2024, in the presence of Luxembourg’s Grand Duke, the Hereditary Grand Duke, of Prime Minister Luc Frieden and other members of the Luxembourg government and numerous strategic partners.

Luxembourg Vice Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, the Minister of the Economy, SMEs, Energy and Tourism, Lex Delles, the Minister of Finance, Gilles Roth, the Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Lydie Polfer, Mayor of Rasiguères (Eastern Pyrenees) as well as numerous representatives of the Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourg's parliament), different municipalities, industry and several strategic partners were also present for the occasion.

Solarcells SA is the result of a joint venture between Belga Solar and Socom Participation SA. Solarcells SA has announced it installed its production line equipped with cutting-edge technologies that will enable the company to produce high-performance solar panels efficiently and sustainably, in the former premises of Heintz Van Landewyck at 5F rue de l'Industrie in Luxembourg-Hollerich. The location is managed by Landimmo, a real estate developer promoting sustainable management of its real estate portfolio, and aiming to enable startups as well as new companies to settle in the intermediate use of Hollerich until 2028. Solarcells is the fourth company in this category and the largest by far.

The Solarcells solar panel factory leverages the latest technological advances to maximise energy efficiency while minimising environmental impact. Production processes have been designed to meet the highest sustainability standards to reduce the carbon footprint of each solar panel.

Marc Thein, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solarcells, expressed his satisfaction during the inauguration ceremony: “Today we are celebrating much more than a new manufacturing facility. We celebrate a commitment to a sustainable future, where solar energy will play a vital role in the transition to clean, renewable energy sources.

Solarcells is committed to contributing to the fight against climate change by providing clean and sustainable energy solutions. “The new manufacturing facility demonstrates our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility,” added Michel Thein, Director of Solarcells SA.

The inauguration ceremony was also an opportunity for Solarcells to announce strategic partnerships with key resellers and installers. These collaborations aim to help accelerate the national transition to cleaner energy.