Credit: LIST

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal Luxembourg today announced that they have signed a partnership agreement to improve the latter's energy performance.

LIST and ArcelorMittal Luxembourg have signed a five-year collaborative agreement on the research and development of innovative projects and services aimed at improving energy efficiency and the responsible use of resources, optimising multiple energy efficiency measures, heat recovery and electricity generation from excess heat. 

The first step will consist of analysing the needs and opportunities to achieve the objectives of reducing the environmental impact of steel installations and increasing their energy efficiency. Further research projects will then emerge from various technical and strategic documents.

This partnership is in line with ArcelorMittal's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in Luxembourg and, more broadly, with the Group's stated ambition to significantly reduce its carbon footprint by 2050, as part of its commitments to the Paris Agreement. 

LIST, whose mission is to transfer scientific and innovative solutions to economic and industrial players, will bring its teams, technological know-how and research power to this partnership revolving around the concept of "The Forge", a space named after the ambition to forge new circular project ideas, to be developed and tested.

Dr. Thomas Kallstenius, Managing Director of LIST, said that: "with a partner like ArcelorMittal, we are opening up a fascinating field of research on the energy efficiency of leading industrial facilities. The conclusions that we can draw from it will be beneficial for ArcelorMittal, but also for our researchers who will broaden their knowledge in this field. We are fully in our role of supporting the economic actors by making available the knowhow of our teams".

For his part, Roland Bastian, Managing Director of ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, stated: "This is a great opportunity for ArcelorMittal to move forward, through this robust partnership, on the path of energy transition and the improvement of our efficiency in this area. In Luxembourg, energy consumption is a major issue for us, because of our production processes based on the production of steel from electric arc furnaces. Through this partnership, we will progress in the knowledge of concrete solutions potentially available throughout the ArcelorMittal group”.