L-R: Carole Dieschbourg, Luxembourg Minister for the Environment; Elisabeth Köstinger, Austrian Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism; Credit: MDDI

Luxembourg and Austria have agreed on an Alliance against the promotion of nuclear energy in Europe.

Outside of the meeting of EU Environment Ministers in Brussels, Austrian Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, Elisabeth Köstinger, and Luxembourg Minister for the Environment, Carole Dieschbourg, have agreed to jointly build a pan-European alliance against the promotion of nuclear energy. Both countries are already actively working together on this issue and this alliance shows their desire to intensify this cooperation in the future and expand it throughout Europe.

As part of a meeting of the German-speaking environment ministers in Luxembourg planned for the spring, a common positioning will also be discussed with Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The focus will be on questions of real costs and the improper promotion of nuclear energy, nuclear liability and insufficient participation of citizens in energy policy. Following this, the joint platform with the German-speaking environment ministers could be extended to countries in southern Europe.

Moreover, Carole Dieschbourg announced during the meeting that Luxembourg supported Austria in its claim against the public subsidy for the expansion of the Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant PAKS II. The Luxembourg government decided this last Friday in its Cabinet meeting. The Austrian government is bringing the European Commission- which has classified this subsidisation as harmless- before the European Court of Justice on this matter.