L-R: Marc Rettel & Aviva Rübel (Reading Luxembourg); Yves Boudier (Poetry Market); Jo Kox, Minister Sam Tanson, Valérie Quilez (Ministry of Culture); Claude Conter (CnL); Vincent Gimeno (Poetry Market); Nora Si Adberrahmane (Ministry of Culture); Credit: MCULT

Luxembourg has officially confirmed its presence at the "Marché de la poésie" 2021 (Poetry Market) in Paris.

On Wednesday 27 November 2019, Luxembourg's Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, received Poetry Market President Yves Boudier and Director Vincent Gimeno to officially confirm the partnership with the 2021 Poetry Market, where Luxembourg has been offered a special place as guest of honour.

Minister Tanson recalled that Luxembourg has been present at the Poetry Market for many years, including those attended by the Phi and Redfox Press editions. She added that this is an essential event for Luxembourgish poets. The partnership with the 2021 Poetry Market is also part of the Reading Luxembourg programme, which promotes Luxembourgish literature abroad and the development of Luxembourg's presence at international fairs.

During their visit, the Poetry Market organisers exchanged with the main Luxembourgish book stakeholders involved in the implementation of this partnership.

The Poetry Market is the largest poetry event in France, bringing together some 450 mainly francophone publishing houses and poetry magazines each spring in the Place Saint-Sulpice in Paris. Every year, a foreign country is selected as guest of honour and is thus given a platform to showcase its contemporary poetry.