Virtual reconstruction of the castle; Credit: © Amis du Château de Mansfeld, Becker Architecture, Bai Lheureux

The Luxembourg National Archives is organising the exhibition "Mansfeldschlass - Un château disparu? (1604-2018)" between 31 January and 20 April 2019.

This exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Amis du Château de Mansfeld association, illuminates from different perspectives the castle of Count Peter Ernst von Mansfeld (1517-1604), once located in Luxembourg-Clausen. It aims to explain what happened to the castle following Mansfeld's death, its significance for people in the past and today. 

Luxembourg governor Peter Ernst von Mansfeld, lacking a suitable heir to maintain his lifestyle, bequeathed his castle "La Fontaine" to the King of Spain Philip III. In the time that followed, the Spanish failed to adequately maintain the castle, Louis XIV's soldiers bombarded it, the Austrians neglected it and the French authorities of the revolutionary period auctioned the castle. As a result, a suburban settlement structure developed on the former castle grounds . Today there are still remains of the castle; the majority of the former palace buildings and cellars were gradually integrated into new buildings after the death of Mansfeld.

The exhibition, which is largely based on previously unpublished research, focuses on individual periods of the history of the castle and considers the subject for the first time under the aspect of "conservation efforts", including the development of the castle grounds into a cultural heritage site. Featuring texts in French and German, the exhibition displays documents kept by the National Archives as well as items and documents from other domestic and foreign archives, museums and libraries related to the history of the castle grounds. There will also be two extremely valuable drawings of the castle on display - one of which (depicting an impressive view of the city of Luxembourg) was discovered only recently. At the end, a virtual reconstruction revives the castle from the time of Mansfeld.

The aim of this cultural event is to contribute directly to the renovation of the site by the City of Luxembourg, which owns the Mansfeld area, and the Luxembourg State. 

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 30 January 2019 at 18:00 in the presence of Luxembourg Minister of Culture Sam Tanson and the Mayor of Luxembourg Lydie Polfer.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 08:30-17:30 and Saturday 08:30-11:30.

Free guided tours can be booked via email: