The Irish Club of Luxembourg (ICL) is organising a St Brigid's Day dinner on Wednesday 1 February 2023

The informal dinner will take place at the Eirelux Irish Pub & Restaurant in Luxembourg-Howald (40 Rue des Bruyères) at 19:00 for 19:30, with everyone ordering from the restaurant menu and paying for their own meal. Both members and non-members are welcome.

To reserve your table/place, email: This will allow the club to reserve tables together.

About Saint Brigid's Day

Saint Patrick's Day (17 March) has been a public holiday in Ireland since 1903. In 2022, an extra day off was introduced as a tribute to health workers and to remember those who died from COVID-19: 2023 sees a new permanent Bank Holiday in honour of another of Ireland's patron saints, Saint Brigid. While Saint Brigid's Day falls on 1 February, the public holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in February. As Saint Brigid's Day falls on a Wednesday this year, meaning the Bank Holiday will be given on Monday 6 February. Saint Brigid’s Day is the first Bank Holiday granted in commemoration of an Irish female patron saint. The other patron saint of Ireland is Saint Columba.

Saint Brigid's Cross

A St Brigid's Cross is woven from straw or rushes and is typically woven on 1 February. Hanging a St Brigid's cross from the rafters of one's house was believed to bring the blessing and protection of the saint for the remainder of the year. The practice of crafting Brigid's crosses declined in the 20th century, however. In addition to the shamrock and the Celtic harp, the St Brigid's cross is a national symbol of Ireland.