Haven’t Got a Clue team members (L-R): Jos van Bommel; Paul Kenny; Eilidh Edmiston; Willie Edmiston; Niamh Power; Anna Barci; Credit: BLC

On Saturday 29 February 2020, the British Ladies Club (BLC) held their annual quiz night at the Cultural Centre in Luxembourg-Weimerskirch.

Nearly 70 attendees turned up for this quiz event with members bringing their partners and friends along. Quiz master Geoff Thompson prepared a challenging quiz with ten rounds of questions covering eight topics from current affairs to science and nature. Evelyn Sweerts then marked the quizzes, which saw teams including “The Grumpy Old Gits” and “Google It” rack their brains for the correct answers in a bid to win one of three team prizes.

A curry buffet courtesy of Namaste was on hand at half time, which may have helped revitalise the brain cells of this year's first prize winners: Team "Haven't Got A Clue".