Credit: PM-International

PM-International, a Schengen-based manufacturer of dietary supplements and cosmetics, has announced that it recently donated, together with its charity foundation PM We Care, a record €2,760,000 to support the health, education and a good environment of children in partnership with the international aid organisation World Vision.

PM-International reported that it has almost doubled its donation compared to the previous year. The company has a long-term charity donation commitment to World Vision and supports 6,000 sponsored children around the world. These regional development projects, or "Area Programmes", last approximately fifteen years and are implemented in collaboration with the local people. PM-International is already active in Peru, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Bolivia, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nicaragua.

The company has been supporting children around the globe for more than 20 years. The family business has set itself the goal of increasing the total number of child sponsorships to 10,000.

PM-International Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg stated that "giving a future to 6,000 sponsored children is super exciting! This donation stands for commitment, leadership and our values. We are grateful to contribute to World Vision's work, as they create change with children and communities worldwide, even in the most remote rural areas."

As producers of the FitLine range of products, PM-International states that every time a FitLine product is purchased, the company gives an "hour of life" to children, offering them better chances as they grow up.

World Vision's Manager of Events and Philanthropy Projects, Oliver Müller, said: "We appreciate the reliable and long-term support of PM-International. Over the next two years, we will realise further projects in the areas of health, water supply and education in Zimbabwe, Bolivia and Cambodia. Many thousands more children and their families will benefit from these measures."