Credit: Caritas Jeunes et Familles

On Wednesday, the "Maison Relais" (childminding service) in Consdorf  organised a football tournament mobilising all the day centres and "maisons relais" managed by Caritas Jeunes et Familles asbl in Luxembourg.

Some 150 primary school pupils participated in this football tournament, which is organised each year by the previous year's winners. 

Speaking about the goals of this annual event, Eric Wadlé, educational coordinator at Caritas Jeunes et Familles asbl, stated: "Through this football tournament, we want to convey to the children important values ​​such as respect for oneself, one's opponent, the rules of the game, the referee, but also team spirit, tolerance, the acceptance of differences, fair play and loyalty". He added: "It's also about developing interpersonal interactions between children".

Whilst the game was somewhat chaotic among the youngest players, they had fun and gave it their all. Meanwhile, the older children were very serious and organised from the start. On the field, they  exceeded themselves and showed their many talents, while being supportive and respectful of everyone.

This year's winning teams were the "maison relais" from Tuntange (cycles 1 and 2) and Walferdange (cycles 3 and 4).