he Luxembourg Government will continue the implementation of its strategy for testing the public alert system by carrying out its monthly test of the network of sirens on Monday 6 January 2023.

A test message will be sent out via the GouvAlert application and via SMS in specific areas. This will concern members of the public present in the following municipalities: Colmar-Berg, Diekirch, Erpeldange-sur-Sûre, Ettelbruck and Schieren.

Only people whose mobile phones are connected to a mobile phone base station in the aforementioned areas at the time the alert is issued will receive the following SMS: "LU-ALERT / ALERTE TEST / NO ACTION REQUIRED / AUCUNE ACTION REQUISE / KEINE HANDLUNG ERFORDERLICH / INFOS: GD.LU/LU-ALERT".

No personal data will be collected or stored by the State as part of these tests. Moreover, in order to ensure that real and test alert messages are distinguished, the "No action required" part of the SMS will only be mentioned in the test messages.

A certain delay may elapse between the sending and the reception of the test SMS, which explains why people may receive the test message at different times. To achieve satisfactory coverage, the government has chosen to implement a multi-channel approach to reach the greatest number of people possible.

The objective of the tests is to ensure the functionality of the different alert channels, to identify possible areas of improvement and, above all, to make members of the public aware of using the different alert channels. The long-term testing strategy, which will take place on a regular basis, follows the objective of ensuring the resilience of the population in the face of emergency or crisis situations that could have an impact on public safety.

In view of improving this system, recipients are invited to send their feedback to the government via email: lu-alert@mi.etat.lu.