(L-R) Ekaterini Sakellaropoulou, President of Greece; His Royal Highness the Grand Duke; Credit: © Maison du Grand-Duc

On Tuesday 21 June 2022, His Royal Highness the Grand Duke received the President of Greece, Ekaterini Sakellaropoulou, on the occasion of her visit to Luxembourg to the authorities of the European Union.

President Sakellaropoulou paid a visit to the European Court of Justice where she was welcomed by the Court President, Koen Lenaerts, and was invited to sign the Court's guest book.

She then took part in a working session with President Lenaerts, President of the Chamber at the Court of Justice, C Lycourgos, Advocate General at the Court of Justice, A Rantos, Judge at the Court of Justice, D Gratsias, Advocate General at the Court of Justice, N Emiliou, Vice President of the General Court, S Papasavvas, President of the Chamber at the General Court, A Marcoulli, and Judges Iliopoulos and Dimitrakopoulos at the Tribunal.

On Wednesday 22 June 2022, President Sakellaropoúlou addressed the Parliamentary Assembly at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, and called for a stronger Council and greater multilateralism.

In her speech, President Sakellaropoulou took note of climate change challenges: "Policies of pure and sustainable development guarantee not only the sustainability of our planet, but also the immaterial dimension of our daily lives, the form of life of our civilisation".

Russia's incursion is not just about the heroic Ukrainian people, who give us the highest example of self-denial and patriotism, but it is a matter for all of us” she emphasised, and also noted that the Russian agression aganist Ukraine represents "a direct and frontal challenge to liberal democracy and European values".