Number of applicants for international protection (asylum) in Luxembourg; Credit: MAEE

The Directorate of Immigration of Luxembourg's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has now shared figures regarding applications for international protection (asylum) for the month of April 2022 as well as regarding applications for temporary protection in the Grand Duchy for the months of March and April 2022.

International protection

A total of 323 people applied for international protection in Luxembourg in March (174) and April (149) this year, up by 88.9% from 171 in March (82) and April (89) 2021.

A total of 203 decisions on asylum applications were taken in April 2022, up from 158 the previous month, with 102 applicants (up from 58 in March) being granted refugee status in Luxembourg.

The largest number of applicants seeking asylum in Luxembourg in April 2022 once again came from Syria (46), followed by Eritrea (37 ), Afghanistan (fourteen) and Venezuela (twelve).

By the end of April, Luxembourg had received a total of 604 applications for international protection so far in 2022 – almost double the 303 applications received this time last year.

Temporary protection

A total of 5,181 people expressed their wish to apply for temporary protection in Luxembourg to the Immigration Directorate in March (3,979) and April (1,202), whilst 2,723 people actually applied for the status (961 in March, 1,762 in April). 41 people decided (for various reasons) not to apply for temporary protection in the end despite previously having indicated their interest in doing so (nine in March, 32 in April).

With the introduction of temporary protection at the European level in March 2022 for persons fleeing the war in Ukraine, it comes as no surprise that most applicants for this status in the past two months were Ukrainians. In March 2022, total of 933 Ukrainian nationals applied for temporary protection in Luxembourg; in April 2022, 1,691 Ukrainians applied for this status.

However, a number of people of other nationalities also applied for temporary protection in March and April 2022: six Algerian nationals and 22 people of various other nationalities applied for this status in March, whilst a further thirteen Algerian, eight Cameroonian and six Russian nationals, as well as 44 nationals of other countries, applied in April 2022.

Overall, Ukrainian nationals represent 96.4% of applicants (2,624 people) for temporary protection in Luxembourg to date in 2022 (as of 30 April). Other nationalities having applied for the status so far this year include Algeria (nineteen people, or 0.7%), Cameroon (eleven people, or 0.4%), Russia (ten people, or 0.4%), Iraq (seven people, or 0.3%), Kyrgyzstan (six people, or 0.2%), Morocco (five people, or 0.2%) and Syria (five people, or 0.2%).

A total of 2,673 decisions on temporary protection applications were taken in March (948) and April (1,725), with 2,666 applicants being granted this status in Luxembourg.