Credit: Ali Sahib

On the morning of Saturday 26 February 2022, several hundred people (around 500 according to's estimations) from different backgrounds came together in Luxembourg City centre to voice their opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This was the second such anti-war protest organised by LUkraine asbl, a non-profit organisation that represents the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg, since Russia invaded Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday 24 February 2022.

Saturday's protest had an even higher turnout than the one held on Thursday, which had attracted around 250 people. The protesters again gathered outside Luxembourg's Ministry of State building in Place de Clairefontaine (Luxembourg-Ville).

Speaking to, one protester, a Ukrainian man named Artem, explained that his parents currently live in a city in Ukraine that has been "a target of attack from Russian military forces, in different ways". He elaborated: "The last night they spent in the special buildings protected from missiles or in the underground with kids and women, older people, because men have joined the Ukrainian forces".

He continued: "[T]he Ukrainian forces resist and as of now, no city was occupied by Russian military forces. So, people work together. Everybody helps. And of course, the Ukrainian people are waiting for help, for any help possible. [...] Everything is welcome, because what is going on is not acceptable in the 21st century in the centre of Europe. All conflicts, all problems, all contradictions which we have must be put aside in such a horrible situation. And the war must never take place in human society".

Whilst there is no organised protest planned for Sunday 27 February 2022, an "informal walk" in support of Ukraine is taking place near the Embassy of Russia in Luxembourg-Beggen (departure: 116 Rue Cyprien Merjai, L-2145 Luxembourg at 14:00). 

Moreover, the Slovakian community in Luxembourg has announced that it is organising a "peaceful rally" in Jan Palach Square (just off Place d'Armes in Luxembourg-Ville) on Tuesday 1 March 2022 at 17:30.