Luxembourg Army passing-out parade; Credit: EMA

On Friday 30 April 2021, a total of 37 soldiers were sworn in at a ceremony held at the Military Centre in Diekirch.

The ceremony - which took place in a restricted setting due to COVID-19 restrictions - was the 39th passing-out parade of volunteer military recruits for the Luxembourg Army and was attended by Luxembourg's Minister of Defence, Francois Bausch. 

Of the 37 soldiers involved in the swearing-in, 5 were of foreign nationality. 

The ceremony marked the completion of the four-month basic training that prepared the recruits for their future military activities with the Luxembourg Army.

In his speech, Minister Bausch noted the exceptional situation in which the basic training took place and thanked them for their commitment to the service of the country.

During the ceremony, a medal of recognition was presented to each member of the Luxembourg contingents deployed during 2020 in Mali, Afghanistan and Lithuania.