Following a daily update on records of the numbers of people infected by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Luxembourg has overtaken Italy in the percentage of its population infected, measured per 100,000 inhabitants.

Iceland has now overtaken the Grand Duchy with 96.7 per 100,000, with Luxembourg's figure at 77.3 (up from 53.5 on Thursday). Italy has fallen back to third, on 67.9 (up from 59.1 yesterday). Switzerland is now in 4th place with 48.8 people infected per 100,000 inhabitants, whereas Spain is at 38.7 (up from 31.6 yesterday), just ahead of Norway at 33.1.

Luxembourg, along with most other countries, has not yet peaked in terms of the number of new infections recorded on a daily basis. One of the reasons for this is the vast international nature of Luxembourg's workforce. This morning, Luxembourg's Ministry of Health announced that 618 people were now infected in the Grand Duchy, only for this figure to be revised down to 484 a short while later.

Iceland, however, is an island nation. It recently announced a nationwide testing programme which possibly explains its sudden elevation to the top of the table.

The data used comes from the Worldometers database.