HRH Princess Alexandra; Credit: © Cour grand-ducale / Lola Velasco

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, born in Luxembourg on 16 February 1991, will celebrate her 29th birthday this Sunday 16 February 2020.

Princess Alexandra is the fourth child and only daughter of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Princess Alexandra attended primary school in Angelsberg and then the Lycée Vauban in Luxembourg where she completed her secondary education, obtaining her Baccalaureate in Arts and Literature (with honours) in 2009. The Princess continued her university studies abroad. After studying psychology and social sciences in the United States, the Princess continued her studies in Paris where she received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, with a specific concentration in ethics and anthropology. She graduated from Trinity College in Dublin. In 2017, she was awarded a Masters in Interfaith Studies from the Irish School of Ecumenics with a specialisation in Conflict Resolution.

With an interest in politics and religious studies, Princess Alexandra gained experience in journalism during her stay in the Middle East and in international relations experience through an internship at the Security Council of the United Nations in New York during the period when Luxembourg was a non-permanent member. 
The Princess speaks fluent Luxembourgish, French, English and Spanish. She also has a good knowledge of German and Italian.

Whenever her schedule allows it, Princess Alexandra takes part in the activities of the Grand Ducal Family and attends ceremonies or official activities such as the National Holiday or the State Visit to Japan in November 2017. She also works as a volunteer to help refugees and holds the office of High Patronage of the Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga as well as the Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung Foundation.