Four new local radio stations are set to broadcast in Luxembourg, following the Luxembourg Independent Audiovisual Authority's (ALIA) call for new radio services.

Five candidates responded to the public call launched by the ALIA to allocate eleven frequencies for a local radio service by submitting their applications before the deadline of 30 March 2018. In accordance the Electronic Media Act, the call for applications was open to non-profit associations only.

Applicants interested in broadcasting a radio programme were the following non-profit organisations: Country Radio Gilsdrëf for frequency 94.7 MHz in the municipality of the Ernz Valley; Péiteng on Air and 3FM Sud-Luxembourg for the 102.2 MHz frequency at Pétange; Radio Positiva for frequency 106.0 MHz in Esch / Alzette;Radio Lusitana for frequency 106.1 MHz in the municipality of Préizerdaul.

The ALIA aims for this initiative to help to widen the diversity of the radio offer in Luxembourg - two programmes will be aimed primarily at a Portuguese-speaking audience, another one will focus on country music while the fourth will be presented as generalist radio in Luxembourgish. Radios can start broadcasting their programmes as soon as they have their permission, specifications and license to broadcast.