Credit: MMTP

A new "school of taste", the École du Goût, has opened its doors in Brandenbourg in north-eastern Luxembourg.

The inauguration of this new school took place on Wednesday 3 May 2023, in the presence of Luxembourg's Minister for Energy and Spatial Planning, Claude Turmes, as well as representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and the Public Building Administration.

Located in the centre of the village of Brandenburg, the project integrates the state-owned "Al Millen" (old mill) building with the Tandel municipality-owned "Al Molkerei" (old dairy factory) building to create teaching spaces, connected by a footbridge and supported by a pedagogical garden.

According to the relevant authorities, the École du Goût (or "Eng Schmaachschoul fir Lëtzebuerg" in Luxembourgish) is based on a multidisciplinary approach in sensory education with particular emphasis on the specificities of Luxembourg.

The pedagogical concept offers a structure for training and raising awareness of a healthy, diversified and regional diet, which translates into a return to basics, consistent with a food concept based on a healthy and raw diet, by combining and using diversity and respecting regional identities by choosing simple ingredients.

According to the Upper Sûre Nature Park, Nature Park Our and Nature- & Geopark Mëllerdall (Mullerthal), which jointly run this project, the objective is to introduce children and adults to the pleasure of a sustainable, regional and healthy food culture. They added that until now, the project had operated in a decentralised way, with events and classes taking place in different locations. Now, the École du Goût has its own premises in Brandenbourg.

The architectural concept aims to highlight the historic building "Al Millen" and enhance its authenticity using traditional architectural elements and simple, regional materials (stone, wood, metal and glass). The interior design is reportedly based on the optimal use of natural light. In addition, in collaboration with the Nature and Forest Agency, access to local oak wood for the manufacture of interior furniture has been made available.

The École du Goût is separated into two distinct sections: the lower level, which includes a reception, information and the promotion of regional products, and the upper level, reserved for preparing, transforming and making dishes. Regarding accessibility, a lift is available in both buildings.

The "Al Molkerei" and "Al Millen" buildings are connected to the district heating system of the municipality of Tandel.

In accordance with INPA (architectural heritage protection) requirements, interventions on the building envelope have been reduced to a minimum by installing wooden double-glazed windows and insulating the roof with rock wool. Inside the building, a centralised ventilation system with heat recovery has been installed and outside the building, two rainwater tanks have been built to guarantee the irrigation of the pedagogical garden.

Solar panels have been installed on the bus shelter already in place to supply a charging station for electric bicycles. Moreover, charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed in the car park.

The works, the total cost of which amounts to €3,000,000 (including tax), began at the end of 2019.