L-R: Frédéric de Radiguès, CEO of Munhowen; Frank Pirrotte, Alderman of Municipality of Käerjeng; Mathias Lentz, Director of Brasserie Nationale; Credit: Brasserie Nationale / Hype

On Thursday 13 January 2022, the Brasserie Nationale, widely known as the Bofferding Brewery, inaugurated a new microbrewery called "De Brauatelier".

This microbrewery will allow experiments to be carried out as part of the research and development of innovations for the Bofferding Brewery.

De Brauatelier will also be open to the general public. All consumers have the opportunity to create their own special beer by customising the recipe alongside the microbrewery brewer. They participate in the stages of the manufacturing process one day before being able taste their own beer at home six to eight weeks later, after a traditional fermentation and ageing process faithful to the principles of the Bofferding Brewery.

The objective is to offer a unique experience to amateurs and beer enthusiasts among friends, family or professionals.

De Brauatelier microbrewery will also be available for hire with personalised offers in addition to tasting sessions and courses for the organisation of seminars or events for companies, organisations or even individuals.

Thursday also marked the launch of the new Bofferding Brewery website: visitebrasserienationale.com. New features include the possibility to book a date for all brewing activities to be done on site as well as to rent the De Brauatelier space.

The microbrewery and new website form part of the desire of Bofferding Brewery to be an essential part of Luxembourg's brewing heritage.